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    On my merchant information page, i see that i can change the terms of my invoices.

    Does this mean i can give some customers terms, so that they can pay by check in 30 days if i approve them?

    I wasn't sure what to type into the terms box to make this happen

    I also don't know how to view my invoices? How can i view the invoice and what should i type into the terms box?


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    The terms apply to all invoices. Usually you specify your return policy, etc here, but they will show on all invoices so not sure if this will work for you.

    Now regarding your terms question. What you could do is create a customer group for these types of customers. Then assign them all to that group.

    Then, add an offline payment method called "NET 30" which only for that customer group.

    What will happen is that then during checkout those customers will have the option to select NET30 instead of having to pay by credit card. Note however that when doing this you will need to collect payment yourself outside of 3dcart (ie. they will send you a check or whatever)
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
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      Thank you! That was super helpful. I'm saving it in my "to do" notes heh