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Working w/ Product Options in Excel

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  • Working w/ Product Options in Excel

    Hi all,

    Another Product Options question here. I've entered several different product options under Products --> Options Template. However, when I export the Product Options worksheet it only brings up the templates that are already attached to a product (productid).

    What I'd like to do is work on the raw Product Options in a worksheet so I can add in the Main option and the options for it without having to do this via the web interface. It's just way too slow to do there. Is there a way to do this without first linking the product template to a physical item?

    If this doesn't make sense just let me know.


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    Bumping this thread up in case anyone has any ideas on this. This part of the data entry is taking way too long. Does anyone know of a quick way to add production options via the worksheet or multiple item update?