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Anyone having trouble with emails reaching RoadRunner ( addresses?

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  • Anyone having trouble with emails reaching RoadRunner ( addresses?

    For the past several months, we have been having problems with the system-generated emails not reaching our customers who have email addresses provided through RoadRunner ( We get a message indicating that the delivery was delayed, followed by another notice that the delivery failed. They all have the same error code, 4.4.7, which generally indicates an issue with their server being busy. This error always occurs with the emails that are automatically generated from 3dCart's mailserver, "[email protected]", IP I tried sending an email myself using the SmarterMail system, which assigns the IP address provided by my own ISP, and it went through immediately without a problem.

    Is anyone else having problems with their order notifications being rejected? So far, 3dCart has not been able to offer a solution to this issue, and it is becoming a big problem for us because our customers are not getting informed that their orders are being shipped, or even that they went through in the first place.

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    Hmmm, I guess we are the only lucky ones. :( It surprises me that apparently on one else is sending mail from the same server or IP address, or apparently we are the only ones with this issue. Strange.


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      It seems the .rr had put up a block, but lifted it. .rr is infamous for putting up spam blocks, their postmaster site allows you to check IP blocking in real time, they have a bunch of other cool info on the site as well. Take a look. Hope this helps.

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        Issue was resolved after Clayton at 3dCart contacted the powers that be at RR and had the spamblock removed. Thanks Clayton!


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          I have had this problem regularly with many cable internet e-mail addresses. It started with comcast and I reported that one to 3dcart and it clear up for a while but it is something that keeps coming back.

          So far charter, road runner and comcast are causing problems and I usually end up with several undeliverable messages a day. What is interesting is it seems that only system e-mails (in my case order confirmations) are affected. When I e-mail the customer directly there is usually no problem it is just the order confirmations sent out by the shopping cart bouncing back as undeliverable.


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            I did some research while trying to solve this issue, and apparently most of the major ISP's are not looking at UBE's (Unsolicited Bulk Emails) as spam and blocking the IP addresses that tend to send out what they view as UBE's. To go along with that, I got this reply from 3dCart:

            "What was actually being blocked was your server IP not your specific store. Normally this is due to a number of emails being sent through from many different stores in a short amount of time. They all look basically the same, as most people use the default order confirmation emails, so the only difference is the store name, products and customer information. They automated spam software (Barracuda in this case) see these as a spam attack and blocks the IP. Barracuda is a very sensitive program compared to most others so it can happen. It doesn't reflect badly on you or any of the other customers that may be on the same server. We understand that it can get annoying and very frustrating for you though as a business owner, so when it does happen, I'm notified and immediately do everything to get the issue corrected. Normally it works out that it's fixed within 24 hours, but can take longer depending on the company the issue is with, but I have yet to have an issue that couldn't be corrected. Unfortunately, this is just one of those things that does happen with internet business."

            What I gather from this is that it may be beneficial to go into the email editor and change around the wording of your automated emails to differentiate them from the others. Pay particular attention to the subject lines. This seems to make sense based on the fact that, as you mentioned, it is only the automated messages that are being blocked.


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              Not sure how much chaning the e-mail will help. The IP will still get blocked by all the other stores with un changed e-mails so even the changed e-mails will get blocked.


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                True - I guess my point was if all of the stores tried to differentiate their emails it might help.