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  • Paypal Express Shipping Issue

    In our checkout system, we have the PayPal Express Checkout Button ("Check out with PayPal") on the View Cart screen. If a customer clicks on this button from the View Cart screen, he can go through checkout very easily. However, if he misses seeing the button on this page, he will go through Step 1 (Shipping Information), then Step 2 (Shipping Carrier Choices), and finally Step 3 (Billing Information). When he gets to Step 3, he can enter his Credit Card number or select the "Check out with PayPal" radio button. As soon as he clicks on the "Check out with PayPal" button, he is redirected to PayPal to confirm his billing information. After doing this, he is returned to our site, but he GOES BACK TO STEP 2. And on Step 2, it RESETS THE SHIPPING METHOD from the one he chose, back to UPS Ground, which is the default. If he doesn't catch the fact that this has been reset for him, he ends up getting a different shipping method than the one he wanted.

    Our customers have been complaining about this - and rightfully so! Today, an angry customer called us to complain that he hadn't received his UPS Next Day Air order because we had sent it out UPS Ground. Sure enough, he had gone through PayPal Express Checkout, and it had reset his shipping choice. 3dcart should be maintaining the shipping carrier and method in a cookie to prevent this from happening.

    Has anybody found a viable workaround for this issue?
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    We just had this happen for the first time yesterday. Our customer upgraded from ground to 3 Day Select, but then went to Paypal and when they returned the upgrade was gone and the customer didn't notice.

    Have you spoken to Tech Support about this? If not I will submit a ticket. We can't go into the holiday season with a glitch like that.
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      Don't know if this would work here too but think it might.
      On our other site we also had PP standard issues on the checkout page but express worked fine from the cart.
      I ended up solving the problem by removing PP standard code on the checkout/billing and replaced it with another PP express link copied from the cart page as the checkout PP payment option.
      Might be worth a try.
      If it works like to know, I hadn't caught the shipping issue but the PayPal checkout is a little funky here too.
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