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  • Newsletter issue

    Hi all,

    I'm still putting my site together and I'm going through the newsletter portion. Whenever I put in my email address and click "Subscribe" the next window that pops up says...

    Unsubscribe Mailing List
    You've been removed from our mailing list.
    Click here to continue

    Any ideas on how to get the newsletter enabled? I can't see to find any settings to enable / disable the newsletter besides hiding the form from the main page.


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    Just a head's up. I had to call tech support to get this resolved. Apparently there's some redundant code in the HTML file when you install a template. It's a known issue. I didn't get too many details since he was able to get it working and that's all I cared about :)


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      do you have this code in your mailing list section:
      <td class="menu-text" colspan="2"><input type="radio" name="subscribe" value="1" checked>[mailinglist_subscribe]</td>

      <td class="menu-text" colspan="2"><input type="radio" name="subscribe" value="0">[mailinglist_unsubscribe]</td>

      its what adds the two bubbles for subscribe and unsubscribe. See how subscribe has the value =1, it makes that the default, without it, it seems to default on unsubscribe.