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Display Prices and Quantity in a Table?

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  • Display Prices and Quantity in a Table?

    I'm interested in displaying pricing for an item so that my customers can see the price for each quantity. For instance, I'd like the table to look like:

    Quantity: 20 40 80
    Price: 50 92 170

    I'm trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this within the Admin Panel. Can the quantity discount feature be used since I'd like to use it to display the total price for a given quantity and not a discount for a quantity range as it seems to be set up to do.

    Anyone figure out a way to accomplish this?

    Note: I can't get the price to line up underneath the quantity in the above example.
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    I figured out how to make the price increase for the next quantity level (hopefully this is code-friendly). But to make the price go up say $20 for the next level, I put in -$20 in the discount field and left the percent box unchecked.

    I don't want the quantity above each price to show a range like 25-25. I only want one quantity to show in the table, however the admin panel will not allow me to leave any of the fields blank.

    Anyone know how to accomplish this?


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      ScribeTime did you figure it out? I would like to see what the solution was if you don't mind posting it, thanks.