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  • Help with WYSIWYG Mode

    I need someone that understands how this works to explain it. I need to understand the links internal and hyper (and how to use them) and the tables. There is no help on this and I'm am truly a beginner. thanks, Ann

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    Easiest suggestion is to search in Google for "wysiwyg editors" (without the quotes, of course) and you will find tutorial sites that explain. Then you can learn it at your pace.

    Hope that helps some.


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      Hi, The Intenal links are for links within your cart/site. This is the icon that is 9 from the left on the top of the WYSIWYG editor. This can take you to an individual product, a category or an extra page (content) you might have created within the site. The Hyperlink which is the 7th icon from the left is for linking either inside or outside of your site via another website, via ftp, an e-mail address and a few more options. It is pretty simple to use once you try a couple of links.

      Hope this helps!
      Bill Fox


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        thanks for the replys. I did read up on it on the other site plus I just kept playing and practicing with it. Thanks again, Ann