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Auto-approve customer registrations?

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  • Auto-approve customer registrations?

    Newbie 3dC user here...
    Just switched my store over to 3dC yesterday. Now I have a question regarding customer account registrations... how do I auto-approve them? I can't find a setting where I can avoid having to manually approve every account registration that comes in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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    I was told by tech support that the customer accounts are automatically approved and you can just ignore the emails. There is no way to turn off the emails. I am not sure they are sent out.



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      Hello there,

      I just wanted to clarify some of the information on this posting just to make sure anyone reading this is correctly informed.

      By default, 3dcart stores will use a base customer pricing group in order to contain customer registrations. Registrations to this retail group are always automatically approved by the store.

      However, you also have the ability to create multiple pricing groups as needed for your store. For example, you may wish to have a wholesale pricing group, or perhaps a special customer pricing group for your long-time clients. Each pricing group will use its own pricing levels that will be visible to your customers as they log into their respective accounts.

      Now, when creating individual customer pricing groups, there is a setting where you can have the registrations to the group auto-approved. For obvious reasons, some merchants might not want to auto-approve registrants for special pricing, so we added the ability to turn this function on/off and have the store email the Merchant when a registration takes place. This email provides a link where the registration can then be approved by the merchant.

      Unfortunately, the email notification portion of this isn't as easy to toggle on or off, so we went with the option of having the store email the Merchant regardless of whether auto-approve is enabled or not. Because of this, you'll get notification emails for any time a registration takes place. The email itself will contain a link where you - as Merchant - can approve the registration by going to a specific URL. If the account registration is already auto-approved, the email you're sent is moot and can be ignored.

      There is a slight work around you can try which will keep you from getting these registration emails. Although, I should point out that this will effectively keep you from getting ANY registration emails from the store. So if you plan on having customer pricing groups where you'll manually approve the registrations, this work around will not be applicable. On the other hand, if you want to have all of your pricing groups set to auto-approve, and these email notifications get in the way, you can try the following:
      1. Log into your 3dcart online store manager
      2. Go to Settings =>Design =>Email
      3. Look for "Customer Registration - Merchant" and click its "Edit" button
      4. In the email's "From:" field type in "NoEmail" and click Save Changes.

      The from, reply to, and BCC to fields of the email templates require a full email address ([something]@[]) in order to work properly. By adding a simple, non-email text to the "from" field, we're basically causing the auto generated email to "break" its functionality. Once you click "Save Changes" the auto emails won't go out anymore.

      Later on, if you decide you want to have the registration emails sent to you again, just go back to the template and leave the "From" field blank. This will set it all back to using the store's auto email.
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        Thanks for the clarification Henry, as usual, you're a wealth of information. :)


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          With any of the emails sent directly from the 3dCart system, if we put in an email address instead of leaving it blank, will the email be sent to this new address, will go to the default, or will it do both?



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            Hi Luxlife

            Excellent question.

            The first two fields in the email template let you control how the emails are presented and how they are replied to
            From: controls where the email looks like it's coming from and the address used when the email is replied to
            Reply to: overrides the "reply to" aspect of the "from" field if you want a specific address used for replies

            The final field, lets you copy a different address when the email is generated.

            BCC to: Blind Carbon Copy

            If you want to also send the automated emails to a different address, I would recommend this "BCC to:" field. Basically, adding an email address to this BCC field will make the email "fork" in two directions. Your default merchant information email and whatever other email address is specified in BCC.

            Incidentally, the majority of auto-generated emails will use the email in your Merchant Information (Settings =>General =>Merchant Information) section. So this will be the default email used for just about all of the automatic notifications.

            Note: The exception to this rule is with new order email notifications; which are sent to the address specified in your Settings =>General =>Store Settings page.


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              You can use your email program to sort these emails

              Many times we use our email program to sort out our special needs and on 3dcart this seems like one of those times.

              Sort by subject: Customer Registration


              Sort by body text: groupname (groupname = customer level)

              Action example:
              Group retail send to trash
              Group wholesale remain in inbox or special folder pending approval.

              Sometimes to make things happen we need to think out of the box.
              Hope this helps.
              Go Live Industries


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                When you said:
                Originally posted by 3dCartHenry View Post
                The from, reply to, and BCC to fields of the email templates require a full email address ([something]@[]) in order to work properly. By adding a simple, non-email text to the "from" field, we're basically causing the auto generated email to "break" its functionality. Once you click "Save Changes" the auto emails won't go out anymore.
                does this also work for ALL customer emails? We're playing around with importing our customer list from NetSuite and noticed that a registration email went out to one of the test customers we imported. We don't want any customer emails going out while we're importing customers (especially not registration emails to existing customers who, to their knowledge, have not registered for anything.) Thanks, mimi


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                  Originally posted by mimib View Post
                  ...We're playing around with importing our customer list from NetSuite ...
                  Please forgive the change of subject, but would you be willing to share your experience with Netsuite? Are you leaving or just opening an additional store with 3dCart? Please let us know your thoughts about NetSuite and why your are changing.