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Hidden Products UN-hiding All By Themselves

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  • Hidden Products UN-hiding All By Themselves

    Has anyone been experiencing hidden products (or products that you THINK are hidden) being or becoming unhidden?

    We've had this in tech support for over a month and it's still happening.

    It seems like no one else has ever reported this issue which seems to be affecting Support's ability to figure out what's going on or solve the problem.

    Here's what happens...because 3dcart has no "development" area where we can create product listings and work on formats, pricing, etc without it being LIVE on our site, we have to create actual products that are live and after working on them, HIDE them while we working out the kinks in the listing (like wording, pricing, options, etc) to keep customers AND search engines from stumbling across them.

    Over a month ago one of the google news alerts I have set up for our store indicated new product listings - products that were SUPPOSED to be HIDDEN. I went to the inventory page and there they were - NOT hidden. I went to the product admin pages and saw the same thing - not hidden.

    So I re-hid the items and went about my business. Next day, I'm back on the inventory page and there they are again, unhidden.

    I submitted a ticket and from then until know, have been going back and forth with Support - a week ago they reported changing some code on our product listing page that was supposed to fix it. I have no idea what those code changes were but it has NOT fixed it.

    Yesterday we actually SAW it happen. We were adjusting some inventory numbers and saw that items that were supposed to be hidden, WERE hidden properly just as they should have been. Finished making inventory adjustments and clicked the "save changes" button at the top of the screen and POOF. The check marks in some of the "HIDDEN" boxes next to some hidden products disappeared and now those products were no longer hidden and available to be viewed by anyone.

    And if you think clicking the "not searchable" check box means that it won't be indexed by Google or another search engine, you're wrong. It only means that the site search feature of your store won't find it. So now again, we have test products that NO ONE should see, being indexed and searchable on our site.

    If you use the HIDE feature, please take a look through your inventory and see if all the products that are supposed to be hidden actually ARE hidden. It would be great if we could get some corroborating information which could help Support figure out what the problem is.