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  • Page after checkout-singlepage.html

    I am trying to find out what html page comes after the checkout-singlepage.html, so I can add the new asynchronous google analytics to it, in order to track completed transactions. Does anyone know if this is checkout-step4.html, checkout-step4receipt.html or some other page?

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    This is easy to test. I know it's checkout-step4.html for the multi-page checkout, and I suspect it's the same for the same-page checkout. Just make a copy from the common folder, put it in your template folder with the same name, and make an edit that will make it obvious if that is the page being loaded. YOu could even just put a comment at the top saying
    <!-- Found you! -->
    Then place a test order. When you reach the confirmation page do a "view source" and see if the comment is there. (Note, this will not work in the Chrome browser)


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      Thanks, I will give that a go.


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        Tested it and it is checkout-step4.html.

        Not sure when the checkout-step4receipt.html is used, for now I just needed to know which of the two it was.