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  • Password protected store?

    Hi all,

    I have a couple of 3D shopping carts already in place for my business, but my father has a project in which he wants to set up a "company store" that is only accessible to employees who must have a password to enter and purchase the 20 or so products available.

    Is there a way to have a password protected store/cart?

    Also, the carts I that I currently run are set-up to accept credit cards, but this particular store would solely be on Net (Billing) terms. As I don't have experience with other checkout configurations other than PayPal and credit card, is there a way where the employees can place an order and are not required to pay upfront? Is this basically the "Print and Call" option that I've seen? I'm trying to have it where the order is emailed to us as well as the confirmation to the employee, and the invoice/order is in the employee's hands with the total amount owed for payment.

    Thank you so much in advance to anyone who has ideas, suggestions, or recommendations.


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    Not sure but you may be able to do this in your store settings.

    •Enable Password Requirement for Site Access - Enabling this feature will close your site's navigation globally for customers unless they first login into their respective accounts.


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      For the payment options, you can basically create any kind of offline payment method that you want. It is very easy. For example, we have two - one is Phone in Credit Card, and the other is Mailing Check. When customers choose these payment options, their orders complete and we have them auto-direct to the Unpaid order section until the customer makes their payment arrangements.
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        Thank you!

        Thank you both TikiGirl and brassandsilver. I really appreciate the advice and suggestions. Can't wait to get this project rolling now :)

        Thanks again,