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Problem with Shipping Rates on View Cart Page

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  • Problem with Shipping Rates on View Cart Page

    Found something interesting tonight that I hadn't realized before....

    It appears that the shipping rate calculator on the View Cart page is defaulting to Commercial shipping rates for UPS instead of defaulting to Residential rates. Because most of my customers do have their orders shipped to residential addresses, I need that default to be changed to residential.

    As it stands right now, if my customers use that shipping calculator on the cart page, it's giving them a rate that isn't correct and which is considerably lower than the actual rate they'll probably end up needing on the 2nd Checkout page where they choose their shipping method.

    However, I don't really want to turn off the Shipping Type option that I provide for my customers because I'd like them to get that price break if we go ahead and ship their order to their work address.

    So where do I need to change what the default rate is on the View Cart page?

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    Under>Settings>Shipping, you need to check the box "Use Residential Rates" to turn off the commercial pricing. I don't know, though, if that will still allow your customers to choose residential/commercial or not.
    Laura Z
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      Thanks brassandsilver, I tried turning that checkbox on but unfortunately, it's still showing commercial rates when you do the "Calculate Shipping" on the View Cart page. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not.


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        Any thoughts from the 3dCart people on this? I would really like to get this fixed so that it's showing residential rates on the View Cart page when a customer does "Calculate Shipping".


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          Is it possible that it has anything to do with negotiated rates setting?


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            If that was the case, wouldn't it still display the same rates on the View Cart page vs Page 2 of checkout? I'm just extremely frustrated that my customers are seeing a lower rate on the View Cart page, and then when they checkout their order, that's not the valid rate for them because they're shipping to a residential address. It needs to display the Residential rates on the View Cart page when they do the "Calculate Shipping" option.