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Printing USPS Labels within 3dCart ??

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  • Printing USPS Labels within 3dCart ??

    Im a little confused about USPS and 3dCart.

    Long story short can I print a USPS label from within 3dCart just like I can with FedEx? 3dCart tech support says yes, but I don't understand because the USPS webtools account isn't linked to any form of billing info so how would USPS charge me? USPS says not possible.

    I can export to Endicia print label and then import back in, but it would be nice if I could do it without flopping between programs.

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    As of today you can print a USPS label, but it won't have any postage, you can place the label on the box but still take it to the counter to add postage.

    We are working on adding integration so that you can use your account to pay for postage.
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      great news, any idea how long it will be until its implemented?


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        Printing Postage

        Originally posted by GonzaloGil View Post
        As of today you can print a USPS label, but it won't have any postage, you can place the label on the box but still take it to the counter to add postage.

        We are working on adding integration so that you can use your account to pay for postage.
        This is the first I'm hearing about this. I have been bounced back and forth between support and the USPS support for a while now.

        Can this be? I can't print postage? This may explain the API errors I receive when I attempt to print a label.

        Why isn't support aware of this?

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          This is what I have learned. The API, is just so you can get the rates to display on your website. You can't actually print the labels through the label manager like you can with fedex/ups.

          To print usps postage you have to either do it through:
          paypal(if you use it)
          USPS website
          or a 3rd party company such as or endicia. (each are about $10-$15 a month, for the service, postage is separate)

          one thing I also learned is to ship USPS First Class International you have to use or endicia, the others don't let you do it, not even USPS website.


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            Thank You!

            Many, many thanks for the information. Very Helpful. We've been using Click 'n Ship and will continue to do so. Everything ships Priority Mail and we save quite a bit there. There's always Paypal as a backup.

            Thanks again,
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              I have been using 3dcart for several years now and just now ran across this problem in the last week or so because 100% of my products were drop shipped. I just recently started stocking a very small number of products.

              Is the problem due to USPS not allowing enough integration, or is it an issue with 3dcart?

              For those of you who do ship via USPS on a regular basis, how are you creating your labels? Are you using the Click and Ship tool on the USPS website for each order, are you using USPS's desktop software, or are you using something else?

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                We export our orders into Stone Edge Order Manager and then do all the shipping labels from within SEOM.


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                  I use endicia. We ship almost everything USPS. For every order we bring up the customer email window. Copy n paste the customer address into the dazzle software by Endicia. We reprogram the buttons on the logitech mx518 mouse to copy n paste and it takes about 5-10 seconds per order. It sucks but HOPEFULLY 3D WILL CHOOSE E-N-D-I-C-I-A as well as or instead of stamps.

                  When I compared the two years ago, I like Endicia better than stamps.


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                    Endicia is way better than Stamps. Tried both and Endicia wins hands down.


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                      We use a third party as well due to the powerful features available.


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                        Shipworks is a third party software that integrates with 3dCart. Its in the Application Store. I believe its a fee per store.

               is easier to use than Endicia/Dazzle, but is not as powerful. At least their technical support is easier/faster to get hold of.

                        Endica/Dazzle is super powerful and you can do any type of USPS postage with it (including APO's). I view Endicia/Dazzle as made for geeks. I use Endicia/Dazzle for shipping International with USPS, and for domestic.

                        I am hoping OrderCup and ShipRush will also start offering integration for shipping in the near future for 3dCart.

               has an API with Amazon and I was not that impressed with it for saving time. I was working to get ShipRush working with another cart and it was very impressive.


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                          Endicia wins hands down, much much better than


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                            Endicia is a great solution for printing USPS shipping labels. Just FYI, Ordoro offers an order management software (Ordoro is available in the 3dcart app store) that integrates 3dcart with Endicia. So, all your 3dcart orders will automatically flow through into Ordoro (no more cutting and pasting address information), and Ordoro can automatically transmit the order information to Endicia to generate a shipping label. This solution saves a whole lot of time if your order volume is reasonably high.


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                              Ordoro team, Please stop spamming this forum

                              My vote goes to shipworks and endicia. (Time tested and proven)

                              If you are looking to manage your Amazon inventory with 3dcart we use Smartfeed.
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