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Using the API to sync multiple stores

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  • Using the API to sync multiple stores

    First, gotta say that I love 3dcart.. Besides the minimal downtime and few glitches here and there, it's been very solid.

    I'd still love to have a multi-store, shared inventory scenario with other sites which brought me to this idea and question..

    I want to share inventory with other 3dcart websites as we have multiple sites ourselves and currently have to manually manage and split inventory between them a bit..

    What if the api were used to at specific intervals to download the current inventory from the master site and then update the matching skus on the children sites?

    Has anyone gone down this path before with any success?

    Anyone want to group develop ( and we can code share?

    Would anyone else be interested in functionality like this?

    Thanks, Mark
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    We haven't tried it yet - but it would be incredibly welcome. We have a lot of sites (most are not with 3dcart), and this functionality would be great. We love the features of 3dcart, and would love to bring every site on board with 3dcart. however, there are two sticking issues:
    - No back end syncing. We have to duplicate the inventory levels over and over again
    - The pricing for smaller sites. Realistically, I would like 3dcart to give us an overall price for shared bandwidth, storage, and database costs. We have some smaller sites that hardly have any traffic at all. Other sites are seasonal, and make no sense to have higher bandwidth on.