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  • Ridiculous bandwidth

    We were notified that we were over our bandwidth levels after two ip addresses from Europe visited over 19000 pages in one day. I can't begin to describe my frustration with support who still have not explained how this happens when google analytics reports less than 400 page views yet, this is not a spider.

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    have you looked into using cloudflare? It can block things like that from happening - I've been using it on my old site before I switch to 3dcart and I've already noticed the dropoff in things like that.


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      After doing some research on my own, it looks like I got hit by the Twengabot which according to multiple websites, does not play nice, is known for slamming sites and needs to be blocked via .htaccess because they ignore robots files. They also mask their traffic as internet explorer instead of identifying themselves as a bot.

      Since they are known to use other ip addresses then the ones I've seen, how do I block the whole bot.