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Exporting orders/importing tracking

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  • Exporting orders/importing tracking

    How do you export your daily orders, print shipping labels (I currently use Endicia's Dazzle for USPS & Worldship for UPS) and import tracking information back into the system?

    I am trying to find the most effective way to handle this process as it is the thing we will do most within the backend. Seems to be a little more complicated here than the platform I am moving from - unless I am missing something.

    The sample tracking export file only has order id and tracking number. When importing this back with details, does it mark orders as shipped and send emails?

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    We use Stone Edge Order Manager to export the data, process and ship the orders, and then the shipping updates (tracking numbers and order status) are imported back into the store automatically.


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      Thanks Piaf. Was trying to avoid SEOM because of the cost but after tinkering, I am starting to think it will be the only way to easily process orders through the system.


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        Although SEOM IS pricey, it's more than paid for itself in the reduction of processing time, inventory management time, etc. Over in the Yahoo store owners forum (I used to have a Yahoo store before moving to Volusion), they used to say that if you handle more than 10 orders per day, SEOM is worth the price. Personally, I can't live without it anymore. :)


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          Another happy SEOM user. It is a bit expensive, and can be a bit complex to do the initial setup, but pays for itself every day with how much it streamlines everythihg you do.

          If you purchase, definitely use the SE setup consulation to get started.



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            Yes, I agree with Dave, order that additional 2 hour consult to help you get things set up correctly.


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              I too am a very happy SEOM customer--don't know how I lived without it! Definitely a learning curve but it is SO worth it :)