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Which file is used?

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  • Which file is used?

    When someone clicks on a category, which file is used for the [middle] of the page?

    I thought it was category_0.html

    But if I make a change to that file it doesn't show up. I cleared the cookies and unchecked that box on the settings page.


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    That is the correct file. Which checkbox was it that you unchecked? You might need to clear your cache. Did you modify the category_0.html file in your own template's folder and not the common folder?


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      Yes, I modified the category_0.html file and when it saves it goes in the template folder. But the changes don't show up.

      The check box I unchecked is on the settings>General>Store Settings down at the very bottom under Cache. I just looked at it and it was again checked. That is the problem. How does that get rechecked? It really is a pain having that in the first place. It serves no purpose that I can see.

      Now I am getting the changes to show up.

      Thanks for your help.



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        Maybe you forgot to click the Save button at the top after you unchecked it. I make that mistake a lot. :)


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          Anytime I make ANY template change, I'll go to Settings > Design > Store Language and save that page (even if you haven't made any changes there). Something happens when you save that Store Language page, and when you do, your template changes magically appear immediately. No clearing of cache required, no refreshing needed.

          I use it so much that I've got the Store Language page saved as a Shortcut on my left nav bar in the store admin area. Template change, Store Language save, Template change, Store Language save. I'll even do it in two separate browser tabs. :D


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            That's a good tip, piaf. It's funny how sometimes we come up with these odd work-arounds. Modern software is so complex that it will always have bits of goofiness in it! :)