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Setting default listing template?

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  • Setting default listing template?

    How do we set the default listing template for products? I know we can manually set them in the Advanced tab but how do we make say listing template 4 the default when uploading products?


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    What I did was download a copy of the listing template I wanted, as well as a backup of my template directory. On the downloaded files, renamed the original "listing_0.html" file to "listing_0.html.old" then renamed the template I wanted as "listing_0.html" and uploaded it back to the site.


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      Thanks. I thought of doing that too. I did that on my other site but this site I need to use two different listing templates and so I need to set the template default by the category.

      I think I found it. It is on the Product>Categories>Options>Advanced

      What I thought happened is that once this is set for the parent category it would also be set for any sub categories. But it seems it is not and I have to manually set each category and sub category. It is more work for me this way but it works for the products.



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        Yea, there is the advanced category settings. When doing mine, I wanted one version for the entire site (the template with product price and other info to the right of the product image) and there's no setting, that I see, where that can be done (you'd think there would be).