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  • Multiple store fronts?

    Is it possible to have multiple store fronts with 3dcart? I am thinking different frame.html with different category menus and product offerings. One of our businesses has three distinct lines of products and it would be nice to have one shopping cart but three store fronts to cater to each line. of course on all three store fronts there would be links to the others.

    Basically something like offers but in 3dcart.


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    3 store fronts each set up as a subdomain with domain masking? and use the same shared cart? I believe possible with shared cert. But may require setting not available to us the user.


    Three differant sites that pull from the same inventory? not without the ability to select and pull from the data base on the same server.

    So probably not.

    But domain masking that would use a different logo and what not possible with custom programming but then depends how 3dcart would handle the custom manipulation.

    I would ask support but then again that would be above and beyond the support of this cart.

    What you are asking for is not the norm Many would like to try the same products under different name and price structure pulling inventory from the same database.

    Good luck with that idea.
    Sorry I wasn't much help
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      They don't have this feature that I know of.

      We could really use it too. I would be willing to pay for it via something from the App store as I can understand there would be development costs and not everyone needs the feature.



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        This is a feature we need as well. Someone please create it - and reap the rewards!


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          Is there any official 3d position on this feature every being added?

          I have run into 3 situation this week where I could expand my business if I could offer a seperate storefront attached to the same products.

          As much as I like 3dcart, and shudder at the thought of switching carts again, I have spent the afternoon looking at other options. :(

          I realize this is a complex feature request that would require some cost to develop and would have a charge to use it. I am fine with that.

          So, what say 3d?




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            I see this is listed as accepted on the Uservoice thing, with details to come later and dated May 2011.

            Any updates 3d?