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Amazon Simple Pay version 1 will end Feb 10th 2011

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  • Amazon Simple Pay version 1 will end Feb 10th 2011

    Does anyone know if we will still be able to use Amazon Checkout after Feb 10th? I keep getting these emails from Amazon.

    Dear Amazon Payments User,

    You are receiving this notice because Amazon Payments signed a IPN request from Amazon Simple Pay using Signature version 1 to your website today. We urge you to upgrade your integration from signature version 1 to signature version 2 at the earliest to avoid disruption in service.

    As previously announced, we will be deprecating the signature version 1 protocol for verifying the signature sent in the notifications from Amazon Payments, in favor of signature version 2. This will happen on February 10, 2011. We request you to please forward this notification to members of your technical staff or the team who helped you integrate with Amazon Payments.

    You're required to do the following:

    1. Please check if you validate the signature returned to you in the IPN request from Amazon Payments. If you do not validate the signature, please jump to step 4, in order to turn off this notification.
    2. Follow the documentation links mentioned below and upgrade your code to verify signatures in IPNs using signature version 2.
    3. Deploy your changes to Sandbox to verify your integration with IPNs. The Sandbox always signs all IPNs using Signature version 2.
    4. Deploy your changes to Production and login to and check "Enable Signature V2" in Production. When you do this, we will start signing all IPNs using Signature version 2.

    Please note, that all IPN requests will be signed using Signature version 2 starting February 11th 2011.

    Please click here: to view the recent announcement, as well as find relevant documentation and sample codes to help you migrate.

    In case of any problems please feel free to ask your queries on our developer forums here: Members of our technical staff will be glad to help you. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us directly at

    Thank you for using Amazon Payments
    Go Live Industries

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    OK just talked to support and the developers say that version 2 is in effect.
    And that we are safe to check the box on the Amazon simple pay account to v2 a note has been made to update 3dcart docs in this regard.
    Go Live Industries