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Checkout Questions on Multiple Address Checkouts?

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  • Checkout Questions on Multiple Address Checkouts?

    Hello All,

    We are new to 3dcart, opened store last month, and this is my first post here. I submitted a ticket on this and I haven't officially heard back except a we are checking and it doesn't look good.

    Checkout questions do not seem to work for customer using multiple address checkout.

    Anybody had this issue previously or figured out a solution/workaround? We use the checkout question as a ship date selector so it is pretty important!



    P.S. This forum is great. It has been very helpful in getting everything up and running during our transition to 3dcart.

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    Hi Will,
    Do to the way multiple ship to checkout occurs (it goes through asking addresses for each destination) it does not go through the standard "checkout step 1" step, and so what you are going to want to do is setup the checkout questions on step 3 of checkout.

    But, your next question i presume is how do to setup different checkout questions for each shipment, and, unfortunately thats not currently possible, the checkout questions are available to each order, not each shipment.

    Perhaps what you could do is ask for the date on the product, as a non-required text field, so that customer can specify that on a per item basis, instead of answering the checkout question which is on a per order basis.
    Gonzalo Gil
    3dCart Support
    800-828-6650 x111


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      I am not worried about different checkout questions for each package. That would be nice, but I would consider that a new feature, not a bug. We can live with one date for the entire order or come up with a work-around.

      I simply can not get the checkout questions to work period on any multiple checkout page, even on the straight unedited common Checkout 3 template.

      Thanks for your quick response!