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  • Password protected page help

    I am setting up a store for a client of mine that sells sports athletic wear to high school, club and college teams. They want to have an area called spirit packs. the team members will need to put in a password to enter their page where particular items are picked out for the team . Inside that page they will chose their items and check-out.

    My question is there a way to set up a password protect page where I could house these products?

    Thanks Jim

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    To make some of these scripts work the guide below may be helpful:

    Once you create the page you may need to do a custom file name.
    You will need to rename your protected pages to whatever.html. Page name must not have spaces. Page name in some cases may be the password.
    (This can be done by going to the content button where you add the page)

    Then you will need to update the system there is a update button on the bottom to the module settings page.

    (This has not been tested here with .asp and custom file name but that would be the direction you are looking for)

    Go Live Industries


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      I will take a look at that. Thanks for the explanation.