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  • Files being overwritten

    Noticed tonight that our facebook store design has been overwritten with the default 3dcart design for item_template_2.txt.

    I am a furious about this as just 2 days ago file changes were made to template files in our DEFAULT folder and   are being stripped from other files in our DEFAULT folder. I submitted a ticket about the changes 2 days ago, but was not given a reason as to why it happened, they only said it should not happen.

    I submitted another ticket tonight regarding the facebook design and I am awaiting their response. Of course, I did not backup the facebook design locally so I will have to wait for them to go through the backups to find it.

    Which brings me to me question for you guys.... Has anyone else had this happen? Do you guys backup your files locally and if so, how often?

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    Could this possibly be related to the changes to Pages that Facebook is presently doing? I believe the "upgrade" that Facebook is doing is optional for the moment, but goes mandatory in March. 3D might have to do some things to remain compatible with those changes, but I'm just guessing. Facebook's Page changes were all over the news a few days ago.


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      ALL of our template changes are saved to our local computers before being pushed out to the store. We also have copies of all our original templates so we can do comparisons (or revert back) if needed.


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        The changes Facebook made were on their side, the template that got overwritten is hosted on 3dCart so that rules that possibility out. It's been nearly 24 hours now and I still haven't heard from support yet. We will definitely start backing up EVERYTHING from now on, that was my mistake. I still want an answer as to how it happened, so we will see.


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          Well, 2 days now and not so much as a "were checking into it", nothing.... I thought 3dCart support was supposed to be good, so far I have not seen it. 2 days and counting for a high priority ticket, not good....