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    Before I start going through hundreds of products, is there an easy way to import discounts per item through the import feature? I didnt see "discounts" when I downloaded the product file so I assume there is not.

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    If anyone has an easy way, I sure would appreciate any ideas. Using the 3D import has been a total failure.


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      what do you mean by discounts. Do you mean putting items on sale for a certain amount?


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        Originally posted by elightbox View Post
        what do you mean by discounts. Do you mean putting items on sale for a certain amount?
        No, I mean under the discount tab on the product, where you can set up, say, 3-11 save .25, 12+ save $1.

        Is this possible to do for all items using the export feature or do I need to go item by item and set each discount up individually.


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          You can import bulk discounts by using the Pricing template in the Import/Export section. They certainly don't make it easy, since you have to import the difference between the normal price and the bulk price for each discount level, plus each price level.

          So say you sell product XYZ for $50 normally, and if someone buys 10-50 it's $45, 51-100 is $40. You'd format your feed like this:
          column headings: catalogid productid lowbound upbound price percentage price_level

          lowbound = 10
          price=5 (the difference between 50 & 45)

          lowbound = 51
          upbound = 100
          price = 10 (difference between 50 & 40)
          percentage = 0

          You need a row for each price level as well.

          Here's the link to the template:

          Hope that helps.
          TC Life Safety
          TC Wireless


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            Response from tclifesafety points out the cumbersome method we have tried. We need to be able to see what the product actually is, the manufacturer, and in our case condition to be able to determine the discount we would like to apply. While catalogid productid is great for 3D processing it is impossible to work with.

            Also it seems that if your import does not include all tiers of pricing discounts, what you import supersedes what is already set up. So importing discounts for 1 group at time is impossible.

            Since the main import/export spreadsheet is already 110 columns wide, a few more columns for discounting would be a welcome change.