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  • Question about "waiting list"

    :confused: In the waiting list section there is a column called "notify". Each item on the waiting list either has an " all or new" in the box, or the box is blank. I know the new is for when you put the item back in stock to notify the waiters, but what is the "all" for and why are some items completely blank in the notify section?

    Also after you notify the waiters, do you delete the item on the waiting list or just leave it. Right now my waiting list has a total of 93 items on it. :confused:

    Thanks for any help.

    Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop

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    Hello. The All is to notify everyone on the waiting list for that item. New only notifies the customers who been added to the list since the last time you sent out a notification. So, if you had one set of people on the list, you got some of the product in and sold it all, but not everyone on the list was able to purchase the item, they could just stay on the list. When you restock again, you have the option of notifying all of them, or just the newer people on the list.

    We usually keep the lists for about a month after we have sent out the notifications, then we just delete them.

    Hope that helps!
    Laura Z
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