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Product Bundles/ Packages?

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  • Product Bundles/ Packages?

    Anyone know how to create a product in the store that will pull say 3 or 4 other product part numbers together before check out?

    We sell automotive parts. Basically I'm trying to create packages of products that are geared to that customer's specific vehicles so they don't have to figure out what they need for their application.

    Some people don't want to do the research of what they need, they just want to click & pay. It'll also save us from having to answer customer emails asking questions about "which ones do I need for my car"?

    I can easily just make a product with all the items listed & total up the price for the customer. The problem I see is keeping inventory accurate. How would 3Dcart know to deduct from the individual parts in stock unless I somehow reference the individual part numbers?

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    Anyone have a method?


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      I have a need for this as well. Hopefully someone knows how to do this?


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        Bump for maybe some more input.


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          Kits an important feature

          We are wanting a streamlined method to create kits from individual sku's. Any progress on this?


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            at one time I had a kit figured out and successfully implemented it using the options tab on item master and also a custom template. I since have removed those kits because the mfg no longer sold the items.

            I can't remember how I did it but will see if the template still exists.


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              closest I could ever come was by using the "Related" tab and put all products that could/should/would be used by someone who purchased the main product, in my instance, restored muscle car wiper motor, and related were the crank arm, wiper switch, crank arm bushing, retaining clip, etc.



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                Do you use Stone Edge Order Manager?