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Does anyone know what RIPE NCC is?

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  • Does anyone know what RIPE NCC is?

    I have been hit hard by this place with an IP of

    Their website is a joke. It only has very vague language that looks intentionally like they are hiding what they are about and what they do.

    Does anyone know who this is and what they are? Is this something I should be blocking?

    A legitimate organization would plainly tell what they do in my mind. Am I wrong?

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    If it's this organization, I'd say it is legit:

    but their website isn't a joke, so I don't know. I can't access the IP you posted.


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      RIPE is the IP assignment authority for Europe. Similar to what ARIN is in the US. You would have to lookup that specific IP address to determine the source company that RIPE has assigned that IP address to.

      To find the owner of an IP address issued in the US, look it up here:
      To lookup a European issued address, look it up here:

      Hope this helps!
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