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Question about how to set up shipping options

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  • Question about how to set up shipping options

    I can’t seem to figure this out. I want to have two basic shipping options USPS Media Mail and USPS Priority Mail For both options I want to set a flat rate. For example $2.56 for the first item $.75 for each additional item. When I go to set-up shipping options I can’t find any way to set up a flat rate like this. (I deleted the default option by accident)

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    It has been a while since I had to set up shipping, but I think you would need to just set up two custom shipping options with the names as "Flat Rate Priority Mail" and "Flat Rate Media Mail" or whatever you like and then set them that way.

    Does this help?


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      I believe Mueller's idea will work just fine!

      You can also add to each product profile an additional shipping charge.


      1 pc. Widget A - Shipping = .25 cents
      3 pc. Widget B - Shipping = .25 cents
      Shipping profile = Priority Flate Rate = $5.00

      Total shipping via Priority Flat Rate = $5.75



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        Nice Frik-n-Frak-n-math! Jeeesh!

        Total shipping in the above scenario is $6.00.

        Good gosh!