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How To ? - Freight Message when Max Weight is exceeded

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  • How To ? - Freight Message when Max Weight is exceeded

    Hi all,

    Our newest week-old 3D Cart store sells products that are relatively heavy. For small orders (1-2 pieces), UPS Ground works just fine. HOWEVER, in this first week of launch, we have several customers calling about shipping cost, and I've noticed a moderate amount of incomplete orders that seems to always occur once a customer gets to the Shipping calculation step of checkout.

    For the larger (i.e. heavier) orders, we use FedEx Freight (note: not FedEx Ground) and it is significantly less expensive than UPS Ground, but I have no idea how to set that up in our cart. I'm not even necessarily concerned about having our cart automatically calculate FedEx Freight (I prefer to talk to these customer anyways when an order is that big, to build a personal relationship).

    I currently have our shipping configuration as: UPS Ground, Min Weight 0 lb., Max Weight 1500 pounds. But here's what I would like to do:

    Restructure this where UPS Ground has a max of about 70 pounds, enough for the small orders (1-2 pieces) to still complete checkout. BUT, I would like a way for an error message to pop up for the larger orders (3+ pieces, or 70+ pounds total) where it says: "NOTE: Using freight would be significantly less expensive for your order size. Please contact us for a freight quote".

    How could I do this? I'm trying to find the message when an order exceeds the "max weight" to change the error message to the above wording, but am having no luck finding this in our store settings.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Was interested so put more than our max wt allowed in the cart.

    On the cart page the calculator did nothing.

    On the shipping calculator page I got system message 16.

    I also got it when I dropped the weight but changed the zip to 000000 so it may not be a perfect solution
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      Thanks Mondo. Any idea how to access the System Error messages to change this Message 16 wording?


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        settings/design/system messages


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          Wow, sorry for that stupid question. Thanks Mondo, your help is much appreciated!!!!



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            At least you didn't ask where to go next!