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  • Favicons ?

    I know HOW to put favicons in, but with the 3dcart system, I don't know WHERE? I tried the global header and even just the homepage header, but no luck.


    thank you

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    Just upload your file to your /web folder. That is all that you have to do.

    Then... clear your temp files, etc. Save your home page as a favorite in IE, close your browser andthen visit your site! you should see your new spiffy little favicon!!



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      I'm sorry, I know where the favicon itself goes, I need to know where to put the html/header line.

      Funny, it's working in my admin pages, but not on my store pages.


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        hmmmm... OK, now I'm confused. Are you talking about the little 16x16 image (favicon.ico) that shows up in your Internet Explorer browsers Address bar? Or... (?)




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          Yes, the favicon.ico...... I have that placed in the /web folder fine. Everything I've read is that this line of html must be in my header(s):

          <link rel="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico">

          It is this line of html that I'm having a hard time finding the right place to put it. I've done the global header, and tried the header on the home page, but neither works.



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            Hi Drew!

            Not sure that it's necessary to put that line of code in. ?? Maybe that's if you want specific pages to point to a specific/different favicon?? Or perhaps, is that a way to coerce browsers to display a favicon even without bookmarking the page?


            I'll do a bit of digging on this.

            I know that we uploaded our favicon to the same place that you have already uploaded yours to and that it works when our site is bookmarked. I considered myself to be a full fledged web genius when I got it to work! :D



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              OK! So, when I visit, I see the cool little baseball favicon in my browser! AND - I didn't have to bookmark your site! So... I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that that very spiffy little line of code coerces IE7 to display the favicon without the need for the visitor to bookmark the site!

              Very cool!



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                Bad news is that I still can't see it here (although it does work on my admin pages?)

                Good news is that you, the 'customer' CAN see it.

                Yes, the idea is that it pops up without having to be bookmarked.

                Cool, guess it's working.......sometimes :)



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                  I'm still running IE6, and your Favicon only shows up when I saved it to my favorites. Pretty cool.
                  Unfortunately, it doesn't show up in my addy bar.
                  I could never get that fesature to work on our soon to be old MC site, but maybe I'll be able to get it to work on our site when we flip the switch & move it to 3DC.


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                    Cached Out

                    My guess is that the old site without the favicon is still archived somewhere in your cache. Y'know, your history or your temporary internet files. Once you bookmark a page (somebody correct me if I'm wrong), a temp internet file is created for it. When I put up my favicon, I couldn't get it to appear on my computer until I removed it from my bookmarks, deleted my browsing history, and wiped out my cache. Whether you add it as a bookmark or not shouldn't matter.

                    I'm not familiar with that line of code, but I assume it's supposed to over-ride whatever's in your cache so that a favicon displays immediately (especially useful if you change it).
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                      While researching where to easily create a favicon for free I found two different sites ( and - the first one if pretty nice because you can edit by square and color :).

                      My question...I've saved and uploaded to my web folder in the there anything else I will need to do in order for it to work? I'm not live yet, so I'm thinking it's not showing up right now on the view page because of that - but in the test on IE it looked great...


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                        all browsers are a little different, but most web browsers have two ways to pull favicon

                        it will check the root of the site (the web folder for 3dcart). if it finds favicon.ico, then it will use it

                        also, you can add code in your header if you want to put the icon somewhere else, but this isn't necessary for 3dcart

                        if you have placed the favicon and don't see it, you must CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE.

                        summary: put the favicon in the web folder and you're done.
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                          Originally posted by JLynn View Post
                          While researching where to easily create a favicon for free I found two different sites ( and - the first one if pretty nice because you can edit by square and color :).
                          you can also create them with photoshop with this plugin:


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                            Thanks! Less work - yeah...

                            I have Vista, IE - have to access the root via ftp://(mylogin:mypassword)@server - the open the page to open in Windows Explorer :) The first time I did that was a little nervewracking - but now I'm much better with it. Just cleared everything and the favicon is showing up in bowth the tab and address line.