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  • USPS Errors

    Is anyone else seeing issues with connecting to the USPS server for shipping rates? I noticed a few days ago sales tanked, abandoned carts tripled and USPS rates are not appearing. The error reads: can not connect to USPS server.

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    No problems to my knowledge here. We've had USPS orders coming in every day. Maybe it isn't an "all-day outage" issue. In that case, we probably wouldn't notice if a couple orders came in as UPS instead of USPS.


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      Chat said it was because I dont have a password under my USPS settings. I have a username I have used for 9 years but dont know the password. The rates started to show after I updated the shipping method. Volusion either doesnt store/show the password - it isnt there - or USPS doesnt require a password. Thats why I didnt enter one.

      I looked at older non completed orders and this is a regular issue. Access comes and goes and I do think its due to lack of password.

      Trying to figure out how to access the password.


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        It's the password for the USPS API. The email I got when I registered for this (eons ago) had "Important USPS Web Tool Registration Notice" as the subject of the email. And it said:

        "Thank you for registering for the U. S. Postal Service's Web Tools
        Application Program Interfaces (APIs). We are providing you with a User
        ID and Password that serves multiple purposes, as explained below..."

        I guess if all else fails, you could re-register for API access again.


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          Today I was also having problems with USPS.

          "3/23/2011 USPS Error, couldn't connect to server "

          I've had orders come in after the error so I was hoping it was just an isolated issue. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for it though.


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            Hmmm... thats the error I was seeing but mine was doing this on some orders back on the 19th. Maybe it wasnt the password issue after all.