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  • Home page specials issue

    I am trying to show all products randomly on the home page. I set it up and checked the all products box however only 2 out of 3 manufacturer's products are showing up. Is there a way that I could have excluded the product categories from showing?

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    We have the same problem. We have all products set up to randomly rotate through the home page, but it seems only a subset of our products actually gets displayed. Most times, it's a selection out of about 50 products each time the home page is refreshed (even though we have almost 700 product listings). There's just something hinky with the random rotation feature. :(


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      It has been driving me nuts. I wouldn't care if it at least showed some of them. We have 2200 items and it is randomizing between 400 of them all in the same category. I guess I have to manually do it.


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        We found it best to select around 24 products to rotate.
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          Whoa...I thought that if you selected Random Home products they would all eventually cycle through. Selecting "all" resulted in only one category .

          Is there a limit? Is this in the documentation and I missed it? bSupply: Can you share how you set this up manually?
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