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CRM Reply Message Formatting, Need Line Breaks

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  • CRM Reply Message Formatting, Need Line Breaks

    I've noticed that if I send a long CRM reply to the customer, and I break the reply into paragraphs, those line breaks are not reflected in the emailed copy of the response to the customer (we see the problem with these huge blocks of text when the customers reply back to the emails). So my question is... what can we do to put line breaks into the CRM responses so that they show up in the text version of the emails? I realize I can do <p> tags for emails hosts that are set up to receive HTML email, but we see this frequently with the text version of the emails.

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    Further testing shows that if you accept HTML emails, responses made where the enter key is hit multiple times to insert line space/breaks is not reflected on the email when you receive it. I've tested this as a CRM requester. I put line breaks in my "question" and the emailed copy of my question does not have the line breaks in the "question". I then put line breaks in the CRM "response" and when my personal email address received the response, it didn't have any line breaks in it.


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      I know this is very old, but ran into a similar problem. Support said to add a PRE tag around the [message]. This problem also occurs in our default theme with order comments.

      I tried the PRE tag, but didn't like that it formatted it in monospace, so I used this instead.

      Add this to the style of the emails at the top:

      <style type="text/css">
      .pre {
      white-space: pre-wrap;
      white-space: -moz-pre-wrap;
      white-space: -pre-wrap;
      white-space: -o-pre-wrap;
      word-wrap: break-word;
      line-height: 17px;
      word-break: break-all;
      white-space: pre;
      white-space: pre\9; /* IE7+ */
      display: block;

      Then use the following in the email content:

      <span class="pre">[ocomments]</span>


      <span class="pre">[message]</span>

      Hopes this helps someone since you never got a reply on this forum.


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        Slyicep, thanks so much for that info. I'm still here, and up until your reply, I was still having problems with this issue.... 6 years later. I appreciate the reply and I'm going to give it a try and see how it works for me. Thanks again!