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  • ProStores Transplant Needs Assistance

    Hi, I am new here and am in the process of transferring the first of 2 stores from ProStores. There I am known as AvaBaby.

    I am excited with all that I see here, but I have so much to learn. The first issue that I am running into and can't seem to find an answer for, that I can wrap my brain around is resizing the detail page image. In PS, images just automatically are resized to a predetermined size I have set.

    I am thinking that I need to do something different here. I have read about using Adobe to resize by batch, but that is all new to me. Is that what I need to do?

    Thanks, Rebecca
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    Always check admin settings/general/store settings and /design/languages here first. I highly recommend a good long study of these two sections before making changes can save a ton of time. Much can be done there and of course the style sheet. When I got here I spent a week banging my head making template changes and confused. Figured this out started over and had a descent set up in a day and just tweaking from there.

    In settings/general/store settings go down to product. You can set your pic sizes there. I'm pretty sure it generates the thumb when you upload them in admin but I think it only changes the display size on the others.

    All our pics were already sized to 500px wide so not sure.


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      Hi Mondo

      Nice to see some familiar names. There seems to be a rather large migration right now.

      I had looked at the places you recommended earlier and had pics set for larger sizes and I was still getting this itty bitty image. So I went back and removed the original image and uploaded a new one and it came in correctly! Yay, I am a Happy Camper now!

      Thanks for the recommendations.:D
      AvaBaby's Preemie & Newborn Boutique
      EcoBaby Chic Organics
      doTerra Origins Essential Oils


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        If your going to resize pics manually before you bring them in you can use Microsoft Photo Editor. It's an old program but you can open multiple images and resize, rotate them pretty easy compared to Adobe. PM me an email address and I'll send you a copy. It's free all over the web since Microsoft stopped using years ago. I know my copy is clean and works.
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          Nice to see you guys here....

          For image sizing, there is a setting on Settings>General>Store Settings.
          You can set the number of pixels for :
          Thumbnail image size (default 100x100)
          Product page image size (default 300x300)
          Large image size (default 750x750)

          Check it out to see if this is what you are looking for

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