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How best to migrate 3dc orders into QuickBooks Enterprise

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  • How best to migrate 3dc orders into QuickBooks Enterprise

    We recently migrated from Netsuite to QB Enter Solutions, mostly to cut our costs, and ad a seat. There were some nice features in Netsuite that we will miss.

    We have wholesale customers that we enter and track through QB, and retail customers we take through 3dcart. We use THub to bridge or connect the cart to QB. Mostly to download the orders to QB in order to identify which of two fulfillment centers will ship the product. Very time consuming and tedious as we "touch" each order and credit card amount.

    I've read about StoneEdge, but prefer not to spend the extra money for an order management system that is better than the one in the current 3dcart backend unless I am confident that it increases our efficiencies (pays for itself).

    ONe of my bigger questions for the group is: would there be any benefits to not bringing every web customer into QB, and somehow just batch or bulk them into QB, and manage my inventory within 3dcart versus trying to do it in QB.

    Is our business profile that unique that the answer is not obvious? I guess I am convinced that there is a better way and that other companies are accomplishing the task with minimal effort.

    Two 3rd party fulfillment houses
    3dcart for retail, qb for wholesale and general accounting.
    THub as the bridge.
    Advanced Inventory option in QB Enter Solutions.

    Best way to bring 3dcart orders into QB or manage inventory.


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    We use the 3dCart plugin to automatically transfer our data into QB. It works really well, and since it was included in our cart it doesn't cost anything extra.

    I guess my biggest question for you is this. Why would you only enter your wholesale customers on QB and not 3dCart? We run both through the website, in separate customer groups, of course, and then import all of the data into QB. I would find it extremely confusing to only have some of them run through 3dCart. Is there some benefit you have found in keeping them so separate that I am missing?
    Laura Z
    Brass & Silver Traditions


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      Do you use the QB merchant services for your cc processing.
      Do you merge each customer into QB.
      how do you manage inventory.


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        No, we do not using QB for our payment processing. We use Paypal for that, and have been very happy with them. We do merge every customer into QB. The 3dCart plugin manages that very nicely for us. We do also sell on Amazon, so those customers have to be added manually in to QB, but on 3d everything merges, both retail and wholesale customers. We manage our inventory via QB. The 3dCart QB plugin will also input our inventory changes from QB back into 3dCart, so any inventory adjustments we make can be uploaded to 3d very easily.
        Laura Z
        Brass & Silver Traditions


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          I am still looking into Stone Edge, but my take on where it can improve efficiency for your current set up:

          1. Use of bar coding through out the entire process. This reduces time and increases accuracy.

          2. Improved purchasing. Drop Shipping (n/a to me) is done well I understand. Forecasting is also built in.

          3. Faster postage time due to some neat automation.

          4. Faster returns due to automation in returns functionality. This also improves accuracy of inventory.

          5. Easier refunds.

          They also have a new version coming out soon that may have some more useful features.


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            The biggest reason we're looking at StoneEdge is to get customer orders OUT of Quickbooks. The Quickbooks database is not friendly to a large number of orders. We have a very high end server and end-of-month bookkeeping is brutally slow. Quickbooks is chocking on itself because of the database size.


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              John, yeah StoneEdge will definitely help with that, because NO customer data is imported into QB. You're just importing daily sales totals into QB, not the details. The details stay in StoneEdge so if you need customer info, you'd go to SEOM for that. My accountant is very happy with the arrangement and hasn't had any complaints after we got it all set up. The trick is to make sure you get your accountant involved during the setup, so that the totals are imported into the correct QB accounts based on what your accountant needs.