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    Have any of you upgraded to IE9 yet? I upgraded and have been having trouble with a lot of sites, including my admin panel. I am constantly having to refresh the page to make the information load and I had to turn it on compatability mode to make the pop up windows appear when I hover over a product ID (which I use when processing almost every order).

    Are you guys having the same problems, or is there an issue with my setup?

    David - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors

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    I'm still using IE8 so I can't answer. But I am curious: Was the upgrade to IE9 automatic and when did it happen? I ask because I have my setting so that updates are auto, but have'nt seen that one "yet".


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      Updated this morning but haven't had a chance to use it with 3d yet. The update is not automatic. You have to select it to be downloaded in your "windows update" panel.


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        I have my computer set to auto notify me of updates, but I choose which ones to actually install. I chose to install IE9 without researching it because I was very pleased with IE8 when it was released. While I am not completely dissatisfied with it, I think there are quite a few bugs that need to be corrected.

        I haven't found anything that I like a lot, other than a slightly cleaner interface. The three big things I dislike are the compatability issues mentioned in my origional post, the download options, and the status bar.

        A window no longer appears when you click on a link to download. A small pop-upy looking thing comes up at the bottom of the screen. If you click save, a save as window DOES NOT appear. Rather, it automatically downloads to your "Downloads" folder. In order to do a save as (which I do with 100% of my downloads), you have to click a drop down arrow and select save as. It is cumbersome. A download status window is also non-existant. The download status stays in that odd pop up, which disappears if you close the origional window...

        The status bar simply does not work. By default, it is not even there, but you can turn it on. However, there is no status indicator on it... The only indicator that IE is trying to load something is the rotating arrow in the tab at the top... I use that status bar often to make sure my product uploads are still uploading... - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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          Actually I also have mine set to notify me of updates so that I can install or wait. Almost always, I choose to wait. This way I can see from others how the new updates are working (or not working!). Sounds like I will be waiting on this one!!

          Maybe you can do a system restore to revert back to IE8.
          BTW: Thanks for the info and the heads-up about IE9.


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            When you install IE9 it DOES create a restore point so that you can go back to IE8. That is what I am doing if it doesn't work out.


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              Thanks for the info. While I was not completely dissatisfied, I went ahead and restored it back to IE8 for now. Maybe when MS has worked on IE9 a little more I'll go with it.
     - Your Total Choice for the Outdoors


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                Only with Windows 7

                Another tip .. IE9 only updates in Windows 7. It will not update with XP and you can not get it for XP.

                So far, I have been using IE9 for testing purposes on my site and have not had any issues.


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                  We can no longer print invoices on IE 9, so, out it goes. :(