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3d cart doubling my USPS ounce weights

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  • 3d cart doubling my USPS ounce weights

    I ship cosmetics and most are in ounces. I have set the decimal correction for ounces as 3d cart only ships in pounds. If an customer buys one lipstick, 3 oz the USPS shipping price is correct (around $2.71) but if they order 2 for 6 oz, the USPS transfers it over to priority mail automatically and charges them $10.20. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so, have you found a workaround. The shop I am coming from you could edit the USPS module but I have not found that module on the back end here.:eek:

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    I was interested so checked one of our light items.
    the weight is .1875 in admin (also a 3 oz. item)
    Added one to cart checked shipping first class OK.
    Added second one to cart rechecked shipping and it offered first class properly for the 6 oz. weight.
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