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    okay, I have had enough today and I hope that may be somebody here can help me.

    I have a store on Prostores and really would like to move it over. The trial was great, but when I actually started to work here, nothing is working right.

    The importer did not import my items as I wanted them to be imported, I have to actually go through and fix every single listing - including pictures!

    But fine, I can deal with that. But this next thing is hard to swallow: I keep working on my stuff, get it to look the way I want it to look, but a few days later, my pictures are gone. Not every single one, mind you, just enough to drive you insane!

    So today I worked on my browse by price option. got that to look like I want it and now my logo is gone. It was there a few minutes ago.

    So, as you can see I am frustrated beyond belief. It just is not funny anymore. Does anybody have an idea what might be happening?

    Uta :mad:

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    If you set up the import spreadsheet correctly, it will import with no problems. the format for images is assets/images/xxxxxx
    If there is a problem, you can export, fix, and import again. Sometimes I would fix one item just how I want it, then do a product export, and use that item as a template.

    As with things disappearing, make sure to clear cache every time you make a change settings>general bottom of page. Also, you might have to clear the cache on your browser. 3dcart seems touchy with caches, unlike my previous cart.
    Hope this helps, if not, then keep trying, eventually you'll figure it out, then tell us what you found out.


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      +1 on the clearing cache solution. In the beginning I was making changes like crazy and nothing was showing up correctly. I read some other person's post here in the forums about the cache needing to be cleared pretty much every time you made a change, and I've done it every time since then. Haven't had any issues with changes displaying properly once I started doing that.


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        elightbox, piaf:

        Thanks very much for your replies. I appreciate it.

        I set the import spreadsheet up correctly, put when I clicked on update the files that were in there already, it duplicated them. So now I have some listings in triplicate and others are missing.

        As for the cache button at the end of the page: that one is always un-clicked.

        My problem is that when I work on something totally unrelated like my "browse by price" option, my logo disappears! And the same is true for some of the other pictures that have disappeared.

        Don't misunderstand: I LOVE this platform. I really do, but if I can't get my stuff to be saved, then there is a problem.

        Thanks again for your help.


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          Sounds like maybe it's time for you to contact customer support then. Hopefully they can help you figure out the problem.


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            If you need any help contact me
            [email protected]