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No Payment Methods (yes again!)

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  • No Payment Methods (yes again!)

    I have seen several threads on this previously, and the answer was that payment methods have to be setup correctly for the location of the customer.

    However, this is different and I want to see if others have experienced this same problem.

    - No payment methods are offered on Checkout step 3 page.
    - This only happens very occasionally.
    - This problem occurs as far as I can tell when the cookie or session expires.
    - My payment methods are set up correctly.
    If I have items in the cart as well as the shipping information for a few days (over the weekend for example), and come back there will be no payment methods on checkout 3 (this also seems to affect the shipping methods choices).
    Editing the cart does not help. removing all the items and adding new items, will not help. Logging in will not help.
    Clearing all history on the browser fixes everything.

    Now customers will leave stuff in their cart all the time, then they come back to finish the order. With no payment method, we have lost the sale.

    I have experienced this several times.