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Re: Template with DreamWeaver HELP! :(

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  • Re: Template with DreamWeaver HELP! :(

    I am trying to edit my 3dcart template with Dreamweaver, however I have run into a couple problem. I have linked Dreamweaver and my site via ftp, but I can't seem to see the images appear when i am editing my template, which is a big thing ha ha. I followed a tutorial on this forum where you make a folder that says store then it has assets, and the frame html in etc. However, once I made that how do i open that, or use that with Dreamweaver?

    Do i simply open it, or what do i do? Also, how do i add images to Dreamweaver so that they will appear on my website, because the only way i can seem to add images is locally, but it won't show the image when it has been published.

    If someone can please help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I am so losttt

    Thanks a lot!

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    Here you go