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    Okay, I have an issue. I have a few Manufacturers that I Drop Ship with but primarily I ship my own products. I use USPS for ALL of MY products. The problem I have is that my Manufacturers use UPS for all of THEIR products.

    I have managed to set up Distributors for my manufacturers which calculates shipping correctly for UPS from their location. The problem I have is that it also displays to the customer the USPS priority shipping quotes (which is much less) but my manufacturer ONLY ships UPS. I can't have the customer selecting the USPS option because it is cheaper because they don't ship like that. So what am I to do? Is there a way to tell 3Dcart that "hey, when this product is selected only show THEIR shipping methods, not mine".

    Also, I noticed that when UPS and USPS are displayed, UPS is defaulted and the rate is already displayed, but the customer has to click "Display Rate" for USPS. Is there not a way to display both automatically?

    This is two questions, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    We have this issue on both our sites.
    On the specific products we have 'UPS only, please select UPS' bolded in the description.

    In our policies we have:

    We offer UPS and USPS as shipping options during the checkout. Please note however some items are listed in the catalog as UPS only and we reserve the right to ship those specific items UPS regardless of the shipping preference selected.
    On the second. I think the methods show in the order you enter them in admin so if UPS is first delte and ad it below USPS may fix it.
    You can make all your shipping methods display. You have to change a style in your template. I'm sorry, can't remember what I changed.

    There's a thread on this. Try searching for something like display all shipping rates and such. If you can't find it repost, I may be able to dig it up.
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      Thanks for the reply, I did find the thread you mentioned, thanks. As far as the UPS only, I can respect demanding UPS but the problem is if they select USPS and then pay Ill have to eat the difference or send a bill for the difference. There has to be a way to force shipping options on the product level.


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        Your products may differ. Almost all our DS are 4+ lbs so ups is usually cheaper, if not it's very close.
        If USPS is cheaper and they select it we eat it. If USPS is more than a couple bucks higher and they select it we usually call them to let them know, refund the difference and make a friend.


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          USPS seems to be cheaper for everything for us up to about 4lbs, so I went ahead and just made everything past 4lbs ship UPS. Some of the products that are drop shipped are only 2-3 lbs, I'm just going to have to show them weighing 4lbs so UPS will be the only option shown and possibly offer some sort of discount? I wonder if negative percentage works on markup? i.e offer UPS then force 3dcart to discount the shipping by a certain percentage?