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  • Domain redirect?

    Hi All! Im migrating over from prostores. I want to change my store name and use a different domain that I own, but I want to redirect my old domain from prostores because its 2 yrs old and I dont want to loose my customers. It say in order to redirect the domain they have to be the same? Is that correct? I really want to change the name of my store because I have a wider range of product now.
    Thanks for the help
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    You should be able to redirect in the original Domain. I cannot tell exactly how, you will need to contact your domain name registered company, they will have instructions on how to redirect to a new domain.

    Nice to see another ProStores switched to 3DCart.

    Hope this helps
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      Web address (domain, not store name, needs to be exactly the same name. You tell your isp where the domain is living by giving it the dns servers ip address. That gets you too the site.

      Who is the domain registered with?

      The products listed in google, bing, yahoo is a bigger problem since they will all point to the exact location of the ps store.
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        Set up your new store with new domain.

        Mask and forward old domain name with your domain registrant.

        Do not do a 404 all organic searches will be redirected to your home page.

        Upload to google base ASAP.

        Good Luck!
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