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Setting Up GMail as Our Primary Email Support? or Setting Email Up in General.

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  • Setting Up GMail as Our Primary Email Support? or Setting Email Up in General.

    Can anyone provide some information as to how to get this done? Ive tried testing the "Contact Us" form and the customer (me as a test) receives an email stating that a ticket has been created but I dont see any type of email showing up in my inbox alerting me that I have a question. Ive tried sending a couple test emails in the email system provided with 3dcart and although i have 5 emails showing as being "sent". I never received anything in my email (inbox or spam) so its like the system isnt sending out emails. In store setting under general setting, I changed that to a gmail account and even tried it with the email system that comes with 3dcart and still nothing. How do i go about setting up my emails the right way, regardless if its within the 3dcart email system or gmail. whatever works best. Thanks.

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    Can you send yourself a email and receive it just fine?
    If so
    I would suggest calling support to check your account settings.
    • If not then you need to configure your email account first.
    • dns needs to point to your domain.
    • Check default email address.
    • Check email template you are testing.

    Again I think support can set you strait faster and avoid the round and round of changing settings you may not be sure of.
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      Its weird, when I use the contact us form on the website and fill in "my" email then I get an email immediately saying that my ticket has been submitted but the actual email that support is suppose to receive letting me know (as the owner) that a customer submitted a ticket is never received. :/

      I want to set up an email account other than what is used with 3dcart because emails are going to be of high importance and I cant afford anything to be delayed. Can someone advise me how to set up Gmail as my primary way of handling emails? Thanks.