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HELP!!! Tax configuration not working - can't purchase

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  • HELP!!! Tax configuration not working - can't purchase

    I live in TN and I have set up my tax manager to charge tax in TN. I enter a fake order to try it out, and when I get to the page where it's supposed to charge tax because it's being shipped to TN, I get this error: Unable to calculate tax for your location. Please, try again or contact us if the problem persists. It won't let me finish my order. If I change the state, but not the zip, it just doesn't charge tax. I had it set up before, but I think it was charging tax to all states, and that wasn't right. Now I can't get it to charge tax or let someone who want to ship to TN finish an order! Please help!!

    Nevermind - I had Avalara enabled, even though I haven't purchased their services yet, and it was blocking 3dcart from calculating my taxes. Mike, in the chat room, saved me. I hate being new at something!! :\ Learning curves.....ugh.....
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    For an issue like this, it would probably be best to have our technical support team have a look at everything from a settings perspective. Support is available at 954-332-0581 or by submitting an email support ticket through our support portal located at Support also has the ability to escalate these type of issues for the developers to look at if it becomes necessary.

    However, one setting I did notice on your account which would likely be causing this, is the fact that you have the Avalara Tax plugin enabled, but it doesn't contain any Avalara credentials. This means that the store is trying to use their service for the tax rates, but cannot connect to them.

    Avalara is an optional third-party tax calculation provider that can be integrated with your store, but you would need to first have an account created with Avalara, and then you would need to place those account credentials inside your 3dcart store for their service to work correctly.

    If you plan to use Avalara and you already have the credentials needed for it; simply go to "Plugins =>Order Management =>Avalara" in your 3dcart Online Store Manager, and then click on the "Settings" button at the top right. Once there, you'll see the area where the Avalara account information can be entered.

    On the other hand, if you do not plan on using Avalara's tax calculation service, simply uncheck the box marked "enable" in that same page and save your settings. This will effectively cause the store to favor 3dcart's built-in tax manager which is located in your "Settings =>Payment =>Tax Manager" section of the 3dcart admin.

    I have a feeling this will fix your issue. However, if the problem persists, please let our Technical Support team know and they'll help you out. (They're here 24/7) :)

    Oops. I just noticed you updated your posting regarding the Avalara setting. I guess we (both Mike in support, and I) were looking at your issue around the same time. :)

    Either way, I'm glad we were able to get you all fixed up! :D
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