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Facebook Photos Blurry & Large

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  • Facebook Photos Blurry & Large

    I have successfully integrated to Facebook but my photos are blurry and large. Being on facebook is great but I certainly would not want to buy any of my product with photos that look as they do. I know it directs them to my website but first impressions are everything.

    Has anyone else experienced this and are there solutions?

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    Yeah, we've got the blurry pictures too. It looks like it's taking the thumbnail images and then enlarging them for the Facebook store, and we all know that enlarging pictures (without special software) is a bad idea. I wish we knew whether or not it would be worth our time to add additional picture sizes to our picture folders for the Facebook version of the store. Unfortunately, we don't know the back end programming involved, so we don't know how to proactively fix the problem.