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Product page tabs (again)

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  • Product page tabs (again)

    So um, trying to figure this out as simply as possible.. I'm using template 0014 and trying to implement tabs on product pages.

    It appears that without any template changes, I should be able to change the style on an item and put data into extra field 1 through 10 to get the tabs to display but all I get is screwy screens with different results based on the style :(

    I see the work other folks have done for adding tabs but it appears to be built in already..

    What am I missing?

    Thanks, Mark

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    Do you have the line of script <script language="javascript" src="assets/templates/common/js/tabs.js" type="text/javascript"></script> on the top of the listing template?


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      here are the instructions. yet another undocumented feature:

      Tabbed descriptions on product detail page

      First, you’ll need to apply listing style 4 to the product in order to get the tabs on the page. Then, by placing information within extra fields 6, 7, 8, 9, and/or 10, the tabs will be automatically added to the product.

      Furthermore, the labelling of the individual extra fields can be edited in the store language section.

      So as an example, The product technical specs can be placed in Field 6 (On the product’s information tab)

      Then, go to settings =>Design =>Store Language and look for the field 5 under the product heading section. Edit the field’s label to be “Technical Specifications” or whatever you’d like.


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        A couple of things I should mention:

        1. When I went to "apply Style 4", there was none. There was no listing_3.html template on the server or template admin. When I asked support where it was, they put it on the server, then acted like it was there all along. Not the first time updated files have not been installed, but would like to know if anyone else has the same experience.

        2. you can't style the tabs, unless you delete their style sheet and link to a new one. the style sheet is assets/common/js/tabs.css but the /common folder is locked and you can't edit anything in it.

        i downloaded their style sheet, copied it, made changes and uploaded it to the css directory, then deleted the reference to the locked stylesheet and replaced it with a link to the one that i altered.

        don't know why they chose to put the css in a locked directory. text in bold navy blue, sans serif doesn't really go well with our site.

        3. the layout of listing_3.html has a lot of wasted space, and pushes the tabs way below the fold. i altered the html to be more like style 2 which is more compact. going to try to attach the file for anyone else to use with the cavaet that it has not been flushed out using all of the different scenarios with the cart e.g. multiple shipping, options, etc. also, as previously mentioned, the link to the standard style sheet has been commented out but can easily be uncommented. file is listing_5.html so style selection would be style 6.
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          From a SEO perspective, are these tabbed descriptions problematic for Google to crawl for your descriptions about your product? Essentially, are these tabs crawl-able?


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            they should not be. it is just content wrapped in div tags. actually easier to crawl than the standard 3dcart content which is wrapped in tables.