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Have no fear, Jimmy is here!

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  • Have no fear, Jimmy is here!

    Hi everyone,

    I know you're all excited about the upcoming features, but while you wait I'll take the time to explain some of the features that are already part of the 3dcart.

    We're still working on the documentation, it's available at but the latest features are not included yet.

    If you have any question about how any of the current features work, just let me know and I'll be happy to explain it.

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    Jimmy is my hero! Haha, nice to see you here Jimmy!


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      Quick Search

      Let's start with one of my favorites, the Quick Search.

      You can find the quick search box at the top of the left menu on your administration panel.

      Entering any invoice number, customer's first or last name, phone number, email, street address, state, zip, country, order amount, order date or tracking number we'll return any matching orders.

      It also looks for any matching customers and products, so entering any keyword that is part of your product ID, name or description will return this product.

      It's a simple tool that will save you a lot of time when you looking for an order and you're not sure about the status. After you get use to this feature you won't be able to work without it.

      P.S. Thanks Addie, nice to know I'm someone's hero :)


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        Glad to see you here, Jimmy
        Explaining features here in the forum is an excellent idea until the doumentation is up to date. And think of all the extra time you'll have when you have fewer tickets from dummies like me.


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          No quick search on my admin page

          Jimmy, tttools has no "quick search" at admin, while Teachers' Bags does have. Can tttools get the newest admin page? I want the quick search!!!!:)

          PS Jimmy, you know that you are indeed my hero too!!


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            Hi tttools,

            Nice to have you around!

            The quick search is one of the many features of the 3dcart version 2. Just send an email to [email protected] requesting information about upgrading your site.


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              I have to jump in -- Thanks, Jimmy, for making our transition so smooth!

              Jimmy is right about the Quick Search. It's one of the best time-savers. It has become my favorite search tool.


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                Oh Jimmy has definitely saved my many days. No one offers better support than these guys. #1. I keep bugging them :p but they keep impressing me! Good job, guys. Will surely recommend you to other friends. :)


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                  Is it just me? Or, does Jimmy's screen name being "Jim" freak anyone else out a little?



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                    I wish I could come up with a really cool one like "frik" or "Bo"............


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                      I love you Jimmy! You are my hero, too!

                      (This could be Bo or, it could be Nicole!)


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                        (This could be Bo) :(

                        Now, this freaks me out a little !!!