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Checkout by Amazon vs Simple Pay

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  • Checkout by Amazon vs Simple Pay

    Hi All

    It seems that when we came onboard here a few months ago that Simple Pay was the only Amazon solution so we went that route. Without talking to my accountant not sure if we have been receiving payments or not but the order and inventory process seem to work just fine. Better then our experience using Checkout by Amazon on PS were we had to manage the order on Amazon central and decrement the inventory manually.
    Now if done right Checkout by Amazon can work really cool without the customer ever leaving the site to complete the order process.

    So my question is does the Checkout by amazon integration here at 3dcart decrement the inventory?
    Since we use Endicia would we see the order imported twice since we import from both 3dcart and Amazon central?

    Any other feedback that would be helpful to the whole Amazon process for others to see this is the place to make it known.

    Your reply is appreciated.
    Go Live Industries

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    From my experience Amazon is a confusing mess.
    1.Yes if you import Amazon Central you will see the same order twice. We use stone Edge and we import Amazon also. you end up with the same order from both places and we would have to cancel one manually.
    2.customers when reviewing their order on Amazon Payments, can see your Amazon shipping methods, which is confusing because for most people Amazon shipping methods are set up different.
    3.yes the Amazon integration decrements the inventory. The order is a normal order with an Amazon Payment method.


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      Thanks Elightbox

      I could be wrong but it seems that in the name of managing your orders that Simple Pay may be the way to go. (I hate to cancel anything on Amazon and if canceled in 3dcart the inventory will be put back. I wish there was a check box as to if we want to put inventory back or not when we cancel a order in 3dcart)

      While Checkout by Amazon may be fewer clicks for the customer. The customer will still be able to use their Amazon account to checkout.

      I think we will stay with Simple Pay while still available.

      Are there any additional known downsides of the Amazon process? this is the place to share them.
      Go Live Industries