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Can you have a shipping "override" for particular item(s)

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  • Can you have a shipping "override" for particular item(s)

    Hi all,

    After a fair amount of testing on calculated shipping methods, I've decided it does not work great for our purposes. Most orders have several different size boxes...big, heavy, oversized (in many cases) boxes. However, after a pretty good sample size of orders, it seems like a % based shipping calculation would be the way to go....EXCEPT (there's always that except!)...

    The % base works great on 90% of the orders that go out of here (those multiple box orders that often include the big, heavy, oversized boxes). Actual shipping cost almost always comes out to 23.66% of the subtotal.

    BUT, there are some customers who purchase only small, lighter items that don't need multiple boxes (or those oversized/heavy boxes) where the calculated shipping actually works. After a sample of the smaller orders for those particular items I also have a % for those, and it is MUCH lower than 23.66% (these small orders are actually about 5.15% of the subtotal).

    Is there a way to have % shipping on some products, but a completely different % shipping cost for other products? I originally wanted to do: $0.01-$1,000 subtotal is 23.66% shipping ($1,000+ "call us for shipping quote"), but that screws up those customers that only buy the small products.

    What I would like to do is: $0.01-$1,000 of the big items, shipping = 23.66% of subtotal ($1,000+ call us for quote). $0.01-$5,000 of the small items, shipping = 5.15% of subtotal. Any suggestions? I can't figure this out haha

    Thanks in advance!

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    How about doing it by weight instead of price? Use a Custom - By Weight shipping method, have your orders that weigh less than xx pounds use the smaller percentage and orders that weigh greater than xx pounds use the larger percentage?


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      Search our username plus the word "shipping".


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        Originally posted by JustPoppin View Post
        Search our username plus the word "shipping".
        JustPoppin: Just an FYI, but when I clik on your forum username and select "Veiw Hompage for JustPoppin, my browser (IE8) times out - but if I search "JustPoppin" on Google, it comes up first and loads ASAP. Just an FYI .....

        I think JR123 needs to be a bit more specific. They may be shipping small heavy items (bricks???) and large light products (assembled box kites)! Or visa versa, this makes a big difference on s/h. Obviously the "box kite" will weigh less than 1 or 2 bricks, but the package will be much larger, which may actually cost more than shipping 2 bricks due to the size of the box.
        Not much of a solution I know, just some food for thought!
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          Thanks all.

          JustPoppin: I did what you asked but didn't find a post quite like what I'm asking (I likely missed it). I searched for "all threads started by" you and searched Shipping.

          Piaf & Barry: Piaf I appreciate the recommendation, but Barry is right on. I was not specific enough. The smaller items are not necessarily very light weight, they just don't need an oversized, huge box.

          A large box that has an "additional handling fee" ($8.00 fee for UPS and FedEx) could be 8 feet long and weigh 15 pounds, while a small box could be a 10x10x10 box that weighs 20 pounds. These are just an example, but a possibility nonetheless. Shipping by weight would not work.

          What I would like is something like this, though I don't know if it's possible:

          Any order subtotal between $0.01 to $1,000** = 23.66% of subtotal for shipping.
          **Small products added to the cart, whether by themselves or in conjunction with the larger products = 5.15% of those product's subtotal (i.e., "override" the higher shipping % that is for the large products).

          Thanks again for all of the suggestions!