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  • Autoresponder parameters

    This is a question regarding the new Autoresponder in V4.
    Is ship date one of the parameters.

    I ask this because we would like the review e-mails to be based on Ship date instead of order date.
    I understand that we can set a review e-mail as an Autoresponder and send it to customers based on a parameter. Is ship date one of the choices?

    I am asking this in lieu of a feature reqeust for reviews.

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    Hi there elightbox,

    There isn't really a parameter for the order's "Ship Date" per se... However, one of the automation rule parameters is the order status itself. For example, the Shipped status

    Furthermore, the automation rules will be able to work with your autoresponders in order to send an email campaign to customers once the automation order parameters are met. One of the frequency options for the autoresonders is 30 days after the rule is met.

    So for your specific request, you can set up an automation rule that is set to trigger an action when the orders are moved into "shipped" status. Then, the action that would be triggered on the orders is an email that is sent out, asking for a review to be done.

    To be honest though, this functionality is already present in the cart, and has little to do with the Automation/Autoresponder function coming up on V4. I'm referring to the Scheduled Email scripts available in your store's Modules section.

    If you go to Settings =>General =>Store Modules, there will be a small section labeled "Scheduled Email Scripts." The second option in that section does exactly what I just described. It can be set to send an email to orders in "shipped" Status after 30-days and it contains a pre-defined email that is sent to those customers asking for a review of the product.

    Of course, it's possible I may have misunderstood your request, but I think the already available Scheduled Email script might be what you're looking for.


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      Hi, and thank you for the quick reply.

      The settings in Auto responder are bases on xx (we have ours on 14 days, gives them a week to try the items, but not long enough time to forget who we are) days after order is placed.

      So for late orders the e-mail will go out the day the order ships or a few days after. The customer most problaby will receive the e-mail before the merchandise.

      We would like to set the e-mails based on xx days after the order ships. So they always get the e-mail after the merchandise and we avoid some of the snippy responses.

      If I understand your response correctly, the Automation Rules/Autoresponder will allow us to base the e-mail on the ship date.


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        Ah yes, you are correct. I hadn't realized that the autoscript is set for orders PLACED within xx days. I thought it was for orders going on xx days after being moved to shipped. My mistake.

        Yes, in answer to your question, it sounds like the Automation/Autoresponder combination will work then. You see, the automation rule itself doesn't actively get triggered until the order is actively moved into the status. So for your case, you'd have the automation set to affect orders once they are placed in "shipped" status, and then - with autoresponders - have an email sent 14 days after that automation is triggered.

        If you'd like to have a closer at how the AutomationRules/Autoresponders will play out, we just made a few version 4 KB articles and guides live on the support portal to get things ready for launch. While not all of the functions are available until launch, you can at least get a closer look as to how they WILL work. :)

        Click here to see some of the KBs we added just today (including Automation Rules/AutoResponders.)

        Hope this helps!


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          Thank you for the New Features Link. Very exciting stuff. Glad to have made the move to 3dcart!


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            Timing of Autoresponder

            Can I ask something that is similar to this... I have a autoresponder that is set to send customers who use the check/money order option. It works great, my only issue is that it taks 1-2 hours for the email to be sent to the customer, even though I have it set at '0' hours.

            Is there anyway I can go in there and tweak this so it will send in email in 5-10 minutes or even less to the customer?

            Again, everying works, the email does go out. I just need the email to go out sooner.

            Thank you,


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              I don't think so. It will be a limitation of how often their server's script looks for autoresponders to send, so if you have it set at 0 that is the best you can do.

              If I had a need for this, I would write a script that uses the Advanced API to check for orders with that payment method every X minutes, and then send the email.

              I could write a script that does this for you, if you are interested.


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                Wow, of course I would be. How much would it cost? That would be a lifesaver for me.

                Let me know what you need from me, my account info or anything. Thank you very much!



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                  Sent you a PM